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The world is literally going through apocalypse phase with the outbreak of deadly viral disease known as corona virus from past three months. It originally grapples people of Wuhan, China but it has now spread all around the world. So far, more than 18900 people have lost their life due to this disease and more than 423121 people have tested positive (www.who.int ) Due to its fatal nature among human, it has led to more than half of the world on lockdown mode with India of 1.3 billion population becomes the world’s largest democracy to go into biggest lockdown in world history in a bid to control the spread of pandemic and save lives. Besides India, many countries like USA, UK, Italy, Spain  Australia, New Zealand etc. have partially or completely lockdown its territories and restrict the movement of  people of their region.

While it has definitely put the normal life of human beings on hold, it has also given much needed life to our mother earth. Because industrial sector and vehicular traffic has come to a halt at present in many part of the world, it has given a new boon of life to not just planet earth but also flora and fauna. Not long ago, I use to wake up in the morning by car honking and now I wake up with birds chirping around my home, in my house lawn. The level of air pollution, noise pollution has certainly come down and it has happened in many parts of the world for example in Venice, Italy for the first time water looks clearer in lakes and water canals . In India, Mumbai which is famous for Marine beach for the first time people spot dolphins due to reduced water traffic. China reported significant 40% decrease in air pollution level as evident by photograph taken by NASA’s Earth Observatory (below) on February 28. It also allowed a temporary ban on farming and consumption of “terrestrial wildlife of important ecological, scientific and social value” in wake of corona virus outbreak.

image credit- NASA Earth Observatory

Not only this, International Energy Agency has also predicted fall in percentage of oil use in 2020. Airline sector which is emission- intensive covering 2.6% of global carbon dioxide emissions is plummeting at the moment and there is little ray of hope that this sector may give profit to governments around the world in near future. Due to low operational activities of airline sector, carbon dioxide emissions will definitely reduce around the world.

The pandemic situation is definitely healing our planet and it is something that should be celebrated while it lasts. It is also our only chance as humans to rise to the occasion and consider living eco-friendly life, one which is in tune with conservation of earth resources. The governments must also play an active role in framing green laws and adhere to international agreements relating to conservation of natural resources and climate change. COVID-19 is a wake- up call for survival of human race on earth during any natural disaster or biological catastrophe and should not be taken lightly. It is the right time to take right action to treat earth as important part of our existence before its too late…


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  1. The positive effects on pollution are plain to see, and that’s marvellous. But once the world returns to ‘normal’, how long before all that good is undone?
    Many thanks for following my blog. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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